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Custom Home Builder


Owner, Jeremy Hauff understands the importance of finding the right builder for your new home. The decision to build a new home is exciting, and the experience should remain that way long after your home is complete. Choosing the right builder is a vital part of the home building process and The Hauff Company prides itself in understanding that.

Not every home is the same and not every client is either, each new home demands special attention and personal touches that make your home yours. Every home we design and build is individually customized to encompass the personality of the people who will call it home. For that reason, you are at the heart of what The Hauff Company does, setting a strong standard for the way we design and construct. 

The flexibility a small home building company has helps separate The Hauff Company from larger builders. Each home constructed is thoughtfully crafted to meet your needs and will provide you with the quality you expect and the satisfaction you deserve. Maintaining higher standards combined with years of experience, draw people to our work and are the foundation of our client relationships.

If the dream of building a home is one of yours, please contact The Hauff Company today and let’s see how we can make your dream a reality.

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